Mission, Envisioned Future, Core Values, Core Purpose

Who We Are…

Core Values

  • Career Long Learning - Our members avail themselves of career-long learning opportunities to improve their institutions and themselves
  • Sense of Community/Collegiality - Our members build community through volunteering, participation, networking, collaboration, and information sharing
  • Integrity and Ethical Behavior - Our members exhibit integrity and ethical behavior and subscribe to the NACUBO Code of Ethics
  • Respect for Diversity - Our members respect the diversity of people, ideas and institutions

Core Purpose
We care about the formation of leaders to strengthen education which contributes to a better world.

Why EACUBO Exists...

Mission Statement
We prepare and support financial and administrative leaders as pivotal strategic partners, enabling their academic institutions to thrive.

To fully appreciate the significance of EACUBO’s mission, an understanding of how we define “Leaders” and “Strategic” is needed:

“Leaders” are defined as less about a role or title and more about a mindset. Anyone can have a leadership mindset regardless of position and title. Institutions that cultivate a leadership mindset among their staff are creating a culture of higher performance. EACUBO, in fulfilling its mission, equips and furthers a leadership mindset among financial and administrative employees regardless of their position or title in the institution.

“Strategic” is a way of thinking that can and should occur at all levels within the institution. It’s about foresight, unorthodox perspectives, challenging the obvious or the norm and divergent thinking. Being strategic is not relegated to the board room or upper echelons of the institution. While strategic thinking may result in different questions being asked at different levels of the institution, anyone can be strategic by asking, “What if…?,” “Why?,” “Who Cares?”

Where We Are Going…

Our Envisioned Future is comprised of a vivid description and our 10 – 30 year goal:

Vivid Description:

EACUBO is a vibrant, energized community and the best and brightest leaders want to be a part of it. We are an incubator and a network where our members collaboratively tackle some of the most significant challenges and opportunities facing higher education. We understand that developing solutions and learning happen simultaneously and this drives all we do.

10 – 30 Year Goal:
EACUBO is known for fresh, innovative thinking that is transforming the performance of higher education.


Contact a member of the EACUBO Board of Directors.  You may also download the Envisioned Future brochure