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 Nicole Trufant

Thank you for visiting the EACUBO website. As you learn more about the Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers (EACUBO), I am confident you will find the Association to be a great group of colleagues and, hopefully, a valuable resource with which you frequently interact.

EACUBO was founded over a century ago by a group of university business officers, even as this nascent position in higher education was just taking shape. But, their intent and mindset in those early days was already forward-looking: to facilitate collaboration, advance technical skills and implement best practices. EACUBO actively works to embody the realization of these goals, which remain crucial and, perhaps, more necessary than ever.

As a volunteer-led association of business officers, we are fortunate to work with so many leading representatives from the full spectrum of higher education institutions. EACUBO is, simply stated, a member-driven association that is created by and for its members. As a member, we hope you not only find EACUBO of great value to you and to your institution, but that you will also share your expertise, skills, experiences and ideas with other EACUBO members. EACUBO programming includes a regional workshop and an annual meeting that draws 600-800+ attendees.

EACUBO meetings and workshops offer high-quality concurrent sessions; nationally-renowned general session speakers providing inspiring and profound presentations; opportunities for numerous conversations with thought-leaders from colleges and universities and from industry; strategic leadership skills; state-of-the-art information and updates; and innovative, problem-solving ideas that you can immediately utilize back on-campus. Nonetheless, our members remind us that networking and camaraderie are hallmarks of the EACUBO experience.

Not just as a by-product of our networking focus but with an effort to emphasize direct interactions, EACUBO created a mentoring program that pairs an experienced senior business officer with someone whose next career move could be into the CBO role. We also offer a specialized program for aspiring business officers who are in an earlier stage in their career.

We are excited about the programs and services that EACUBO currently offers our members. Still, we know there is more to do and more we can offer. If you take pride working in higher education, and see critical value in colleges and universities thriving, and if you work for an institution in the Eastern United States, you are already an EACUBO member in spirit. If you are not actually an EACUBO member, we can easily make that happen. Please contact Matt Hamill, or (202) 861-2519.

We know your time is a highly constrained resource, and, therefore, I encourage you to consider attending an upcoming EACUBO program to experience the quality content at a nearby location. In the interim, we encourage you to share your thoughts through some of the new outlets created via this website.

Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Nicole Trufant
Chair, EACUBO Board of Directors
Senior Vice President, University of New England