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EACUBO's 2018 Workshop will include concurrent sessions that are organized within the following four programmatic tracks to give you the option of focusing on particular areas of interest or attending a variety of sessions from multiple tracks.

Financial Sustainability

Attendees to these sessions will engage in discussions regarding innovative approaches and tools available to deal with current fiscal challenges facing higher education leaders. Discussion leaders will explore topics that include risk management, collaborative development of cost savings strategies, alignment of strategic goals with fiscal resources, and strategic alliances.

Technical Fundamentals

Attendees to these sessions will learn and share ideas regarding practical issues facing today's business officer. Topics include analyzing current accounting and tax developments, and managing cyber risk on a campus.

Leadership and Talent Management

EACUBO defines leadership more as a mindset rather than a role or title. Attendees to these sessions will learn from leaders and colleagues about talent management, team building, ethical decision-making, and strategic thinking. These sessions are intended to increase attendees' capacity to create opportunities and generate solutions.

Academic and Administrative Unit Business Officers

These sessions will focus on topics of interest to business managers of major segments of the campus who work with but may not report through the University Chief Business Officer. Such roles would include college and program administrators, athletics business managers, and other operational unit business managers. Topics for these sessions will address a wide range of issues associated with enhancing and maximizing relationships and opportunities with constituents and consultants.