Committee Members

Each of the EACUBO committees works closely with the Board of Directors and has a Board member who serves as chair of the committee. Most committees meet several times during the year in-person and/or by conference call.

Additional information regarding the structure of the Board's three standing committees can be found in the Association's By Laws. The Board may also create a Task Force that is expected to have a limited duration to concentrate its efforts on a specific initiative. A Task Force will include both Board members and other volunteers from member institutions.

EACUBO is always looking for individuals from our member institutions to work on committees, especially the local Area Programming Committees in your region. Volunteer opportunities are numerous and are available on all of the committees and task forces.

Executive Committee

Chair: Romayne Botti, Rockefeller University
Vice Chair: Sara Thorndike, Pennsylvania State University
Past Chair: Laura Hubbard, University at Buffalo
Treasurer: Lisa Heffernan, Southern New Hampshire University
Secretary: Janet Wormack, Higher Education Commission for Maryland
Program and Services Committee Chair: Molly Mercer, Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education

Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Lisa Heffernan, Southern New Hampshire University

Governance Committee

Chair: Laura Hubbard, University at Buffalo
Vice Chair: Sara Thorndike, Pennsylvania State University


Executive Director: Doreen Murner, EACUBO
Association Executive: Nyka Feldman, EACUBO

Program and Services Committee (P&SC)

Chair: Molly Mercer, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Vice Chair: Audra Kahr, Lafayette College

Membership Committee

Chair: Janet Womack, Maryland Commission on Higher Education